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There were 200 dogs imprisoned at a vacant hog farm. Many of the dogs were in terrible physical and emotional condition. One emergency vet compared a very sick dog to a concentration camp victim. These dogs were sold at auction. Present at the auction was the American Kennel Club representative - taking care to insure that the AKC registrations went with the dogs to their new homes in new prisons so that the dogs could be bred over and over and make more money from registrations for the AKC. The auctioneers introduced the AKC inspector as a good guy who was on the side of the commercial kennels. The auctioneer further commented that the AKC inspector knew how to make money for the AKC and that the prior AKC inspector, the "lady inspector", had been replaced because she was too tough on inspections. (Watch for the video that will be coming!)

Anyone who questioned whether the AKC was on the side of dogs or money now has that question answered.

Breaking News!! After receiving thousands of emails the AKC rescinded their contract with Petland Thanks!

At September 13, 2006 Delegate Meeting of the American Kennel Club they discussed the fact that dog registrations were down by 5.7% for the year and litter registrations were down 1.3%. The management then announced that the AKC Board had signed a contract with Petland pet stores to sell AKC registrations to people who purchase puppies at Petland stores. The registrations will not be limited so the dogs can be breed although presumably the puppies would not meet the standards established by the AKC breed clubs for breeding dogs. The store will charge the AKC registration fee at the time of sale and register the puppy on line. The Board allegedly voted 12 to 1 to enter into this contract. It is reported by a person at the meeting that the Board stated that the purpose of this action was to increase revenue for the AKC. Write, email, call the Board members, especially Dennis Sprung and tell them that the AKC is contributing to the misery of puppy mills. If they were really concerned with the health and well being of dogs, they would fight high volume breeders not collaborate with them. It's all greed and the dogs suffer.

AKC contact info

President Dennis B. Sprung

The American Kennel Club 260 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10016 212-689-1532 Email: dbs@akc.org

Board emails

Ronald H. Menaker - rmenrmen@aol.com

Hon David C. Merriam - dmerriam@mindspring.com

Dr. William R. Newman - dansdad@pennswoods.net

Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia - cbattaglia@mindspring.com

Dr. Thomas M. Davies - dunwich@samnet.net

David Keene - keeneideas@email.msn.com

Mr. Steven D. Gladstone - sdg@cwcorgi.com

Dr. J. Charles Garvin - jcgarvin@adelphia.net

Dr. Patricia H. Haines - ofkpointer@aol.com

Mrs. Nina Schaefer - osakanuc@aol.com

Ms. Patricia C. Scully - pat_scully@bd.com

Mrs. Patti L. Strand - naia@involved.com

Mr. Walter F. Goodman - wfgoodman@mindspring.com

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