Commercial Kennels

Across the Midwest in the Spring and the Summer there are auctions of dogs. Some of these auctions are kennel dispersals and others are consignments. In a dispersal auction the kennel is selling out all of the dogs, the equipment, and tools and getting out of the business. In a consignment auction the kennel is selling the dogs that they do not want any longer. The money that the kennel earns from a consignment auction will be used to buy more dogs and perpetuate the misery. Although we are all very sad for the dogs who are sold at consignment auctions, it is wrong to buy them. It is the same thing as buying a dog at a petstore. It is contributing to the industry of misery.

The auctions are horrifying experiences. The first one you go to will certainly change your life. The auctioneers have no concern whatsoever for the dogs. The dogs are tossed around and promoted solely for whatever monetary value they might bring. The dogs are frequently injured, ill, missing limbs, or even their bottom jaw. They are all terrified.

Our mission in attending auctions are twofold: first to rescue as many dogs from dispersal auctions as possible and second to gain evidence from first-hand experience. We do not recommend that people attend auctions and buy dogs. Often these auctions are used by the breeders to "cull" their stock. This means they sell old and non-producing dogs to raise money to buy young dogs and start the cycle of misery all over again. We only go to auctions that are total dispersals - where everything is being sold and they are getting out of the business. If you go to consignment auctions and give money to the millers, you are contributing to the industry of misery.

We get email from many people who think that they can save a dog by going to an auction. They have good motives but they are contributing to the misery. It's precisely the same thing as buying a puppy in a petstore - you may save that puppy but you sentence thousands of others to lives of misery. The kennel owners love to see rescue people come to the auctions because they drive up the prices. The kennel owners will take that money that is paid to buy a dog at auction and use it to buy more dogs and perpetuate the cycle of misery. No one should never by a consignment auctions.

Click on these links to read about two kennel auctions.

Country Rose Auction

JB Auction

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