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The most effective way to eliminate puppymills is to educate the public that if they buy a dog in a pet store they contribute to an industry that supports puppymills. If the public knew that this horrific industry could be ended if they would refuse to buy a dog in a store, they would instead buy their dog from a reputable breeder, or adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue. Then the stores would stop selling puppies and the puppymills would go out of business.

The misery of puppymills can be ended. Please help educate the public by sponsoring a billboard. The cost of a billboard rental ranges from 200 dollars a month to 100,000 dollars for Times Square! and everything in between. HUA will pay the cost of the paper that covers the board. Choose your price range, time frame from one month to twelve and location and we will take care of putting up the billboard. For more information, email CAM@prisonersofgreed.org

If you can contribute to putting up a billboard, please click here.

Thanks for caring about the dogs.

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