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This is Carr/Swayne Kennel in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. The kennel was in two locations. The top locations was an old barn with broken windows. There was no heat or air-conditioning. There was filth all over the barn. The bulldog who is lying dog in the cage is dead. The bulldog shown below was blind from a treatable eye problem. Another bulldog died from kidney failure that could have been treated if she had received timely medical care. She had six months of freedom and a good home before she passed on.
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The second location was the end of this old barn. It was a stone garage. There was no heat or air-conditioning. The windows were boarded up so when the garage door was closed it would have been pitch black inside. 41 dogs were crammed inside 7 kennels. This kennel was raided by the Mt Joy County Police Department and the dogs were confiscated. When the garage door was opened by the police, the smell was so overwhelming it made people who were there ill. The owners Charles Carr and Virginia Swayne were convicted and gave up rights to the dogs who were adopted into good homes.

This is what it looked like inside the garage.

This kennel was licensed by and inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

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