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Literally millions of people in this country are opposed to puppy mills and the mass production of puppies. They are opposed to keeping dogs in cages for their entire lives breeding them over and over just to sell the puppies for a profit. They are opposed to the mass production of puppies while millions of dogs are killed in shelters across the country. Thousands of animal shelters, animal welfare organizations, rescue organizations and quality breeders are also opposed. The commercial kennels have a large and well funded lobby. They speak with one voice to legislatures both the federal and state governments. We need to join together to show that we are a much larger voice.

Please lend your voice to the voices who are speaking for the dogs in cages who cannot speak for themselves. Speak out against the misery of puppy mills. People and organizations are invited to Join the Coalition Against Misery.

The Coalition Against Misery is a nonprofit corporation.

Sign the Endorsement Form to indicate your agreement with the Coalition.

I support the mission of the Coalition Against Misery to stop the mass production of puppies. I am opposed to puppy mills. I am opposed to keeping dogs in cages for their entire lives and breeding them over and over again. I am opposed to the sale of puppies in pet stores. I will boycott all stores that sell puppies.

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