Lancaster County - The County of Cruelty
This dog was rescued from a commercial kennel in Lancaster County. There were over 550 dogs in the kennel which was located in a delapidated old barn. There are over 200 kennels in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Many of them are owned by people who are Amish or Mennonite. The County uses the Amish and Mennonite as a tourist draw.

Witness the Lancaster County Kennels

 Many people visit Lancaster County because they are lured by the appeal of the country of the past. Perhaps they are looking for a slower more peaceful pace. Lancaster County Tourism uses the Amish and Mennonite community as a tourist attraction. They advertise scenes like this one. If you think this photo is charming, look at the next photo.
The website for the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention and Visitors Bureau has this to say about Dutch Farming in Lancaster County "Believing that practical knowledge, hard work and long hours are the "technical marvels" that make farm life fruitful, they practice impressive levels of thrift and self-sufficiency which they believe are mandated by the Bible. Accordingly they attribute their success in farming to devine blessing." At Zoning Hearings Amish Farmers have stated that they have to raise dogs because they can't earn enough from farming the land to support their families.
You can see scenes like these all over Lancaster County. We have seen horses pulling heavy wagons in 100 degree temperatures, horses pulling buggies in heavy traffic, horses being whipped for not doing what they were told to do and thousands of horses being dumped at the New Holland Horse Auction to be sold for slaughter. We have been told time and time again that it's cheaper to use up a horse, dump it and buy a fresh one than it is to take proper care of the horse to begin with. The Pennsylvania Legislature and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture have exempted farm animals from the cruelty statutes. When we see these scenes we don't see charming, we see misery.
Drive down any country road in Lancaster County and you will see signs like these often. Dogs are viewed as a cash crop. Ads in the news papers often state cash only. Amish and Mennonite farmers have publically stated that dogs are livestock and there is no difference between a dog and a cow.
 This little dog is chained to that old wooden house on the left. He probably never gets off that chain. He does not have any heat or air conditioning. We did not see food or water. Dogs chained outside are common all over Lancaster County.
 These veal houses dot the landscape filled with baby cows taken away from their mothers and forced to live in these tiny houses until they are taken away and slaughtered.
 Does this look like a typical farm? What is that to the left? Could it be a commercial kennel?
These long buildings can be seen almost everywhere in Lancaster County. They house thousands of chickens soon to be slaughtered.
 This dog was rescued from a Pennsylvania Kennel. The kennel was licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The chain that was put around her neck when she was small grew into muscle, skin and veins. It took four hours of surgery and 72 stitches to remove this chain from her neck. Imagine her constant pain as the chain grew into her neck.
This kennel is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
This kennel was licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania has been called the Puppymill Capital of the East Coast

Pennsylvania - the Commonwealth of Cruelty. You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania - Unless of course you are an animal.

This misery is all for greed. The only way that they are going to listen, is if the money is threatened. Tourism is very important in Pennsylvania and particular in Lancaster County.

When Money Walks, Money Talks

Take Your Money and Walk Away from the County of Cruelty

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