The darling little boy dachshund has a club foot. The puppy mill owner said that HUA could have him or she would take him out back and "knock him over the head".

One dachshund dead. One chihuahua in intensive care because her jaw broke from deterioration. One yorkie whose bottom jaw rotted away leaving his tongue hanging out. One chihuahua whose kidney had to be surgically removed because it had been sliced in a botched c-section. One dachshund had so much scar tissue from so many births that she had no visible way to urinate. A dachshund with a hole in her sinus cavity from tooth decay. Hernias, tumors, testicle problems, and mats. And terrified dogs. And this mill is not even the worst out there. Come see for yourself what the dogs look like as they come into the shelter.

Last week Hearts United for Animals rescued 50 more dogs from a puppy mill in Nebraska. This is the second rescue of 50 dogs from the same mill. There will be another rescue in September.

You can help by donating to Hearts United for Animals or by adopting a dog so that a space can open so another dog can be saved. Please help today.

If this movie doesn't play on your computer, you can view it on youtube here Part 1 Part 2

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