Governor Rendell promised us four years ago that he would take steps to protect the dogs. It's taken four years and thousands of emails but now there are changes coming.

Now is the time for action. Time is critical. The dogs need your voice now.

The Department of Agriculture has issued proposed regulations that were published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on December 16, 2006. The public comment period runs to March 16, 2007. During this time period the public has the right to submit comments. If there are enough comments, it's very possible to get the proposed regulations modified. While there are a few provisions that are improved in the proposed regulations particularly in the areas of sanitation and drainage, the sections pertaining to temperature control, cage conditions and breeding restrictions are not adequately addressed. The Coalition Against Misery has reviewed the proposed regulations and drafted comments to the Department of Agriculture and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission.

You can read the new draft regulations here - Department of Agriculture Dog Law Regs

You can read the Coalition Against Misery analysis here - CAM Analysis.

There are hundreds of kennels in Pennsylvania, imprisoning thousands of dogs, that do not have heat. The temperature in February 2007 in Pennsylvania has been bitterly cold. There are dogs who have literally frozen to death and thousands of dogs in kennels across Pennsylvania who are suffering. The dogs are held for their entire lives in small cages. Very often the small cages are crowded with dogs who are often injured in fights. The dogs are bred from the time they are six months old, twice a year until they die. This is cruelty by any standard. The regulations need to be modified to protect the dogs.

Time is very critical. The regulations are rarely updated - the last time was 1996 - so we must make every effort to insure that the new regulations significantly improve the conditions for the dogs and put the bad breeders out of business.

Please take steps to insure that the comments that have been submitted by the Coalition Against Misery are incorporated into the regulations. Please help insure that the dogs have:

- heat and air conditioning

- adequate cage conditions

- and that proper breeding restrictions are adopted.

NOW is the time. Please take the time to make your position known.

The deadline is March 16, 2007.

Speak for the Dogs NOW.

1. Endorse the comments made by the Coalition Against Misery. Either print and fax the endorsement form Organization or Individual or send us an email. We will attach your endorsement to our package that is delivered to the Department of Agriculture and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission. If you are a vet or vet tech, or work for a rescue organization or have dogs from puppy mills in your home, please add that information in the comment section. Particular experiences with dogs who have been injured in cage aggression or by weather or constant breeding including photos would be very welcome. Feel free to prepare an additional letter with details about your experience and fax it to us at 203.409.3851. If you would rather mail it, you can send it to Coalition Against Misery PO Box 343 Pocopson, PA 19366.

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