Telly was given to an HUA volunteer in a cardboard box that was covered in blood, skin and dirt. He was wrapped in a poop encrusted blanket. He has been paralyzed for six months. His back legs are completely atrophied. He was never given an xray or proper medical care. The HUA volunteer asked our vet why his stomach was so enlarged when he appeared to be emaciated. The answer was that his bladder probably had not been emptied fully for the entire six months. The smell of blood and infection in the urine was so overwhelming it almost made people faint. His skin is peeling off by the bucket loads.

Telly is a blue dachshund. Blue is a dilute color, a defect. Blue dachshunds should not be bred as it leads to baldness. They almost never have a normal life span. And in fact Telly is mostly bald - hence his name after Telly Sevalis. The "kennel" had been using this dog as a breeder dog for five years. Imagine how many bald blue dachshunds he produced in that time just so that people could buy the latest fade dog. So of course unscrupulous puppy mills breed blue dogs as fast as they can. Then when the dog needs medical care, there is none and the dog is dumped. Of course she kept him without providing any care for a few months just in case he recovered without costing any money. This delay severely limited the likelihood that he could recover.

In spite of being paralyzed, bald, full of infection and malnourished, Telly is about the happiest most fun little guy you could ever meet. He enjoyed his soft food, the first drink of clean water he's probably ever had in his life,and a nice bath. He probably thought he'd been flown to Paris when he saw his big new living quarters with his big soft bed, clean blankets, and plush toys. He got to walk with a towel around his middle, and he tore around the shelter investigating. He had a blast.

There isn't much hope that Telly will walk again but for a dog with this kind of spirit, anything is possible and HUA will do everything they can to help him. Their vet was very surprised that he did have some deep pain sensation left. So he's off to Kansas State University this week for surgery. With extensive rehabilitation that he will get at HUA, he may be able to walk again.

If you are ever tempted to buy that cute little puppy in the pet store, remember Telly. Tell everyone you know to boycott stores that sell puppies.

Update 1/20/2006

Telly had surgery at the vet school at Kansas State University. He had two calcified disks in his back. The injuries were clearly months old as we knew. They repaired them as best they could. He is now undergoing extensive therapy at HUA. He walks with a towel around his middle. His legs are exercises like a bicycle. He has some movement in his legs which is very exciting. But the muscles in his legs have so atrophied that he has no ability to stand on his own. Throughout this experience Telly has remained incredibly loving. He gives a million kisses.

If you know anyone thinking of buying a dog in a pet store, tell them Telly's story. Adopt from a shelter or rescue.

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